Our Program


The Value of Relationships in REALTOR® Marketing

A successful real estate career is based on both the quantity and quality of relationships REALTORS® initiate, build, maintain and nurture. At DMS Marketing Inc. our programs are carefully tailored to fit your client retention and business building needs. With decades of experience, our team can customize the perfect program to fit your real estate business.

Whether you’ve got an extensive client list or you’re trying to establish yourself in the marketplace, DMS Marketing Inc. has a program that can help at a price that makes sense. While pricing is dependent on program options, the cost is highly affordable with average monthly per client costs that are less than a cup of coffee.

We Write It, You Brand It

Writing great content for a newsletter every month can be time consuming and stressful and you’ve got a business to run, properties to show and clients to serve! That’s why DMS Marketing Inc. specializes in providing products that are content-rich and relevant. Our publication options, e-newsletter and marketing pieces include content that homebuyers and homeowners are interested in. You can customize our products to include your own content, if desired, and personal brand.

A Note on Privacy

1) Your Client Lists

The client lists you entrust to us are your property. We hold this information solely for the purpose of producing newsletters and other mailers on your behalf. We do not sell, lend or transfer this information in any way, shape or form to anyone else, at any time.

All staff members sign a confidentiality agreement concerning your client list. We secure this data from outside sources. Our internal network, which could be an indirect link to the data computer, is in turn protected by a firewall. We have automatically updated virus protection for all incoming email or discs and finally, all your client list data is encrypted.

We are protected from physical theft of your data by way of monitored alarm system and door-lock steel plate. In the event that you cease to do business with us in the future, we will delete your client list from our system within a reasonable period of time of notification of cancellation.

2) Your Own Personal Data

If we hold any personal information on our own customers directly, it is for the sole purpose of communicating with them and transacting business. All information that we hold is volunteered directly from our customers to facilitate doing business with us, except for credit information which may be provided directly from financial institutions from time to time, but for which we have obtained permission from the customer to possess.

All information is safeguarded. We do not sell, lend or transfer this information in any way, shape or form to anyone else, at any time.