Plant Trees

Plant a Tree

Let’s Build a Forest!

Your advertising creates forests… Really! You can be confident that your marketing through DMS Connect not only builds your business, but cares for the environment at the same time. To off-set our paper usage in your print marketing, we’ll be giving you a tree to plant.

Through our partnership with The Carbon Farmer we’re growing forests and creating habitat for local wildlife. Where do you find our forest? Our current tree planting venture is in Peace River, AB where the trees are planted and cared for by The Carbon Farmer.

You receive a tree to plant:

  1. When you open an account with us
  2. To celebrate your anniversary with us

The tree you receive is virtual. Use the tree code provided to plant your tree in the DMS Connect Forest. Your virtual tree represents a live tree already planted and growing.

Are you ready?

PlantYourTree     StrollThroughOurForest