What Makes Your Neighbourhood Marketing Successful?

In the latest issue of ‘relate’, we published an article about creating a successful neighbourhood marketing program. Here’s an excerpt of what works for the agents who use our Business Builder program:

Get to know your target audience, then decide on your content. If you’re providing information that’s relevant to the overall demographic in the community, your brochure will be noticed faster than something generic.

  • Provide Real Estate Market Reports. Use fun infographics for people that want to see the stats at a glance and include a short write up for those that want a bit more information.
  • Share professional accomplishments. What is your average selling price vs. the average selling price on MLS? How many days does it take you to sell a property vs. the average agent? What is your listing to sales percentage vs. the average percentage? Use your imagination, but make sure you have the facts to back it up.
  • Highlight listings you have in the area and make sure to announce when those listings sell. There’s nothing better than seeing a house just like yours get listed & snapped off the market when you’re toying with the idea of selling.
  • Give yourself credibility with testimonials from past clients. These tell the story of your work ethic.
  • Show your prospects why they should list with you. Emphasize 3 – 5 reasons that set you apart from your competition. Do you provide professional staging? Do you have professional photos taken? Are there educational courses or rewards you have that show how you would be quite knowledgeable in real estate? Do you donate to charities when you make a sale? Does your company offer any incentives to buy or sell?
  • Show you care by getting active in the neighbourhood. Sponsor and show up to community events, post community events in your business building piece, feature local businesses (ask those businesses to display your brochure), ask local businesses for discounts you could provide residents through your brochure, etc.
  • Entice people to call you. Whether you’re offering a ‘free market evaluation,’ directing people to your website or straight up asking if they’re ‘ready to sell?’, recipients should know that you’re looking for business and are ready to work for them.

We’d love to hear what’s working for you when it comes to neighbourhood marketing! Leave a comment and share your expertise with your real estate colleagues.


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