Neighbourhood Marketing Boost

We’ve been hearing from agents that farming a neighbourhood takes a lot of time and resources and the results aren’t instant. This is true. You’re starting to build a relationship with complete strangers therefore it’s going to take a while. They have to recognize, trust and become interested in you and your abilities as a real estate agent. Plus, they have to be in the market for a move.

You’re looking to target those people that are in the market and don’t have an agent yet. There are a few ways you can figure out who they are and engage them quicker. Ultimately you want them to reach out to you and ask about your services or the market in their community.

Think about a layered approach with a bus bench, door knocking, a mailed piece, a website and an e-newsletter.

The bus bench raises awareness of you. It’s going to tie in all parts of your marketing because the visual element will be recognizable.

Door knocking will humanize you and quickly start building a relationship.

A mailed piece, such as our Business Builder, will provide value. It will show how you’re a resource for real estate information and again increase your awareness within the community.

A website or social media page (with community-specific information and statistics) will provide more value, create an interest in you as a neighbourhood expert and show you’re active and invested in the neighbourhood.

The E-Newsletter, like the one we offer, gleans contact information for those who have taken an interest in you and what you’re offering. Stay top of mind with them while further strengthening your relationship.

Remember to have a call to action on all elements and direct prospects from one element to another to build your success. For example, the mailed piece mentions the website, the website links to the e-newsletter, the e-newsletter asks if they’ve found your bus bench, the bench asks them to call you…

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