8 Reasons to Use Email Marketing

8 reasons to use email marketing

Email marketing is a robust tool that should be part of every real estate agent’s marketing strategy. Here are 8 reasons why:

1. Scalable and cost-effective

Email marketing is budget conscious. Generally you pay one price for a set number of emails – so until you hit the limit, you can add your prospects and clients without adding extra expense.

2. Provides valuable content

Providing value-added content makes you an educational resource to your prospects and clients. Deliver information such as current MLS market statistics, need to know info for buyers and sellers or even home improvement advice.

3. Establishes credibility and trust with prospects

After adding your prospect to your contact list, it’s essential to communicate with consistency so the prospect knows they can count on you. When they decide they’re in need of a real estate agent, your prospect will think of you first because you’ve already built a rapport with them.

4. Increases client retention

Stay in touch with your clients using email marketing. Keeping a strong connection with your sphere of influence builds loyalty and creates a repeat and referral business network for you.

5. Enhances other marketing campaigns

Add email marketing on top of your other marketing campaigns. You stay top-of-mind by providing consistent reminders of who you are across a variety of channels, plus you meet your clients where they’re at, at the time.

6. Provides direction for lead follow-up

Detailed reports shows you who is opening the email, who is clicking a link and what link they click on. Use this data to decide who to follow up with and when.

7. Target specific audiences

Email marketing allows you to focus on what your audience is looking forward to receiving from you. Use this to segment your list and target them with the right information.

8. Drives traffic to your website

Include social media and website links in your email marketing.  When the recipient needs more information about what you can offer, they can easily visit you online and learn more about your business.

Email marketing is an essential component of a well-rounded marketing plan. How are you using email in your marketing strategy? Visit DMS Connect’s E-newsletter page to find out how easily you can get started with a program that suits your needs.

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