Tools for Navigating the New Normal

There’s a new normal in the world now, and it can be tricky to navigate selling Real Estate in it. Thankfully, there are many tools available to help you work through this time. Here are just a few ways to keep everything moving in your business.

3D Tours

3D tours are a great thing to include on your website. These allow prospective buyers to view the entire property from the safety and comfort of their own space. They can get a full view of the house and walk around while keeping a safe social distance.

Live Stream Tours

Hosting a live stream on social media is also a fantastic way to show off a property you have listed. Most social media platforms have some form of Livestreams available to you. Not only does it allow potential buyers to see the property, but it also gives you the chance to answer any questions people might have in real-time.


Use Plenty of Pictures

You can never go wrong with the use of pictures. Take pictures of everything a buyer might want to see, and anything the seller would want to feature, and make a post to social media or feature them in your print marketing. Use the photos as an opportunity to talk about the property. You can also include the pictures on your website.


Print marketing is a safe and easy way to connect with your clients and build a referral base using the power of physical connection. A simple postcard with your favourite recipe or motivating quote can inspire your clients while they’re distancing at home. Or send them a printed newsletter full of engaging articles. You can even use print to send out information about any of your listings so people can see that you’re there for them when they need to buy or sell.

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