Canadians Helping Canadians

Sometimes, all we need to motivate us is a little help from a friend (or stranger). We have a great country with millions of people ready to step up and give a hand to those in need. Let’s take a look at a few moments this past year with fellow Canadians helping Canadians and rallying to help each other and create a better place for those around them:

May 2016 – Relief poured in from all over the country when a devastating forest fire in Fort McMurray left over 80,000 people evacuated from their city. Strangers opened up their homes to give people they had never met a place to live. Food, clothing and household items were donated to help people restart their lives. Restaurants offered free meals to people displaced by the fire and hotels offered lodging. Not to mention the millions of dollars donated through the Red Cross. Through this difficult situation, strangers stopped to lift each other up.

November 2016 – In a story reported by CBC, strangers on the subway in Toronto all banded together to help a young man who was running late for a job interview and was extremely nervous. Instead of ignoring his obviously flustered state, the people sitting around him took the time to help him relax and take a positive, confident mindset to his interview. It was so inspiring to one of the strangers that helped him, she shared her story. It’s a great read! Get it here.

April 30, 2017 – Fun is motivating too! Game 3, Edmonton Oilers hosting the Anaheim Ducks, voices rang out in Rogers Place as the crowd took to singing the Star Spangled Banner when a microphone glitch threatened to destroy game tradition. Brett Kissel, the anthem singer, tweeted: “Mic didn’t work for the anthems tonight @RogersPlace. But no worries. The best singers & fans are in #OilCountry! @EdmontonOilers!”

We love hearing how people go above and beyond to help others! We know REALTORS ® are a big part of the community and contribute in many ways to organizations that better lives. Share your stories in the comments about how you, your colleagues and your company support the community.

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