8 Tips To A Better Real Estate Website

Websites have come a long way in recent years. From SEO to mobile friendly to IDX integration, there is a lot to know when putting your online presence together. We know there are many companies out there that specialize in creating and hosting real estate websites and we highly recommend you get a pro to create one for you as it’ll save you time and probably a few headaches. However, there are some keys we think are important to consider to make your website the most effective it can be.


Make sure your website is optimized to work on mobile devices and that it works well. This is a no brainer – if your site isn’t mobile friendly, you’re going to lose a lot of traffic.


If your website takes any length of time to load, it’s going to be skipped over by prospects as well as search engines. Test it on various browsers and devices to make sure it’s quick to load.


Show you’re active in real estate by posting fresh content (which also helps your ranking in search results). It can be updating your blog (ideally with more than just listings), changing and adding testimonials, or if you’re active on social media having your feed on your website. If you’re using our Mini-Mag service, post your complimentary digital copy on your website. The digital newsletter will update each time your printed newsletter is mailed and it’s search engine optimized, so it appears on your website as fresh content. 


If your “about me” page is the same as the competitions’, chances are you’ll both be over looked. Or if the photo on your website header is the same one as the template your marketing company offers… think about changing it up, please. Having personally written text and your own photos will go further to creating a relationship with a prospect than having a bunch of “cookie cutter” info.


Please, don’t hide your contact information at the bottom of the page. Make it front and center. Also, have buttons and ask visitors to take the next step in their real estate journey. Use phrases like “call me now” or “click for more information” to drive the process.


There are many goals of having a website. One is to use it to capture leads – have a form pop-up that offers resources or market information or host a “VIP” section where visitors have to sign-up to access particular information.


Not the “static” ones that come with the site like “north west” but actual neighbourhoods you have an invested interest in (maybe you live there or farm that area) – having information on your website that highlights a particular area (not just listings from the area) will boost your credibility as the neighbourhood expert.


If you’re never going to write a blog, just take the page down. Same with testimonial pages, community info pages, etc. What are the features of your website that you feel give you the most personality? Is there something you would add to the above list?

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